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Welcome to Academy Central

         Ms. Tedria Charles, Principal  

Mrs. Dunbar & Mrs. Hurd


At Academy Central we are committed to creating a collaborative, structured environment that meets and exceeds the needs of the whole child.


Academy Central is committed to creating a collaborative learning environment that meets and exceeds the academic and emotional needs for every student, everyday, without exception.

School Creed

I am an Academy Central Cadet.
As a Cadet, I am committed to excellence through high expectations and mutual respect.

Congratulations to
Ms. Shirley Logan (Teacher of the Year)
Ms. Gwen Jeffrey (Support Staff of the Year)


New Attendance Incentive!

 We need your child here and on time.  School starts at 7:45 a.m.   Students are considered tardy at    7:46 a.m.  Students that are here and on time    each day will receive free popcorn on Fridays.  Popcorn will only be provided for those students that are here by 7:45 a.m. and remain at school throughout the entire school day.  Thank you for your support! J

Important Information
  • School Times
    7:45 AM- 2:50 PM
  • To Report an absence call
    (918) 833-8760
Upcoming Events